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Wrestling LIMS

In the End, there can be only One
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Welcome to wrestling_lims, a LAST ICON MAKER STANDING contest Community. Inspired by the many, many Lims communities here on LJ. disney_hush is credited for the original idea.

This community is maintained and modded by:

& skydagger
& sweetrapture82

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the community, feel free to contact one of us.

1. Sign Up here to participate in Round 4. You can sign up until Friday, May 8th (the day the first challenge is due.). It is also recommended that you friend this community in addition to joining, so you can keep up with everything.
2) The first challenge will be posted on Monday, May 4th and you will then have until Friday at Midnight, E.S.T (US) to make and submit your icon. If you have not signed up, then you can not participate and once you have signed up, then you must enter every challenge until you are voted out or use a skip.
3. Each challenge, you will be provided with a different image. It is then your task to make an icon from that image. You are allowed to use brushes, textures, stocks, text in your entry but you are not allowed to use animation or outside images other than stock. We use both WWE and TNA wrestlers here.
*to prove you have read the rules, please put DDT in the subject line of your comment
4. All submissions must be in before the deadline, conform to LJ standards (under 40 kb, under 100 x 100 etc.) and remain anonymous until voting is over.

1. On Saturdays (usually), voting will take place to a screened entry that one of the MODS posts and you will be voting for your favorite and least favorite.
2. When voting, you will be asked for a reason for your least favorite icon.
3. At the end of the voting period, the iconmaker with the most negative votes will be eliminated from the competition.

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